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At Sashtaram Astro Research Center, we are focused on providing astrology services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Astrologer Sajeev Sastharam(MSc) is one of the renowned astrologer in Kerala based at Perunna Changanassery.

Astrologer Sajeev Sastharam is a Jyothisha Visharadh and was awarded Jyothisha Rathnam Year 2014 by Akhila Bharatheeya Ayyappa Dharmma Prachara Sabha. He is also a Life member of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences LM No. 4478/13.03.2006. With his vast practical experiences & researches done in astrology, his astrological services has benefited lots of people. At Sashtaram Astro Research Center, along-with astrological services, we also teach astrology for aspiring individuals.

Our main mission is to provide the individuals the cheapest and sure shot remedies though which they can overcome their worries. Focusing on this aspect we do research mainly on solution side(parihara) from all branches of astrology that exists on various parts of the world. As no individuals are same the pariharas for each and everyone should also vary from person to person. As astrology is the gift of god, pariharas are also his gift. By following such simple rituals any one can reduce or overcome the "karma dosha" which follow them. This finally lead to compete "papamukthi" hence the permanent peace of mind

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Ancient Astrology Methodology.

We provide solution based on research done on ancient astrology methodology.

Affordable Astrological Services.

We believe in providing best solution to all with our affordable astrological services.

Developing Positive Energy

We consider astrological service as a service towards developing positive energy in individuals.