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This centre provides vast range of simple and sure shot remedies for your worries. Please feel free to contact us to get solutions for your ​issues which can be solved astrologically by horoscope reading, horary prashna, muhurtha the auspicous time selection, numerology-pronology correction, removing negative impacts by pendulam dowsing, correct rudraksha-gem stone wearing etc.

Ganapathi Homam on all Fridays and Chathurdhis

Ganapathi Homam on all Fridays and Chathurdhis

Ganapathi is considered as “Prarambha Deva” means the God who begins everything. The most dedecated pooja to Lord Ganesh is Ganapthi Homa. By conducting this homa any type of obstacles can be removed from our life path. Ganapathi Homam is a also a ritual dedicated to Lord Ganesha, performed to seek his blessings and achieve success before imparting on any venture. As per Hinduism, the grace of Lord Ganesha can fulfill any task. It is considered as the most important Homam among all forms of worshiping the almighty God. Lord Ganesha is the Supreme Being who removes obstacles from one’s plan or a venture in life. He is Vighnaraja or Vignaharta by many of his devotees. Also, he is important for his Siddhi (success), Buddhi (wisdom and intelligence) and Riddhi (prosperity). He is the first one that the devotees honour among all Gods in most of the worship rituals and services. The God is also famous as the God or Patron of Arts and Sciences. Whom should perform Ganapathi Homam? The main purpose of Ganapathi Homam is to remove any obstacles in any venture undertaken by the devotee. Devotees believe that by doing this ritual, the venture begins and successfully runs in a smooth manner. People seeking success at the start of any business, work life, student life, marriage, Housewarming (Grah Pravesh) and even Naming ceremonies (Naamkaran). People who are specifically affected by Kethu Dosha. Lord Ganesha is the planetary overlord of Kethu. Hence, one should perform the Ganapathi Homam to please Lord Ganesha and to remove the malefic effects of the Dosha.

What are the benefits of performing Ganapathi Homam?

Here’s the list of benefits of Ganapathi Homam: The devotee can get rid of all the obstacles and problems that he or she might encounter in their new ventures of life, both professional and personal.Performing the Ganapathi Homam grants wealth and solves wealth related issues in a devotee’s life. Lord Ganesha is believed to be the governor of the Mooladhara chakra, which signifies material prosperity.Performing the Ganapathi Homam enlightens the spiritual mind and makes one conscious of the higher realms of existence. Lord Ganesha is believed to be the gatekeeper of the Sushumna Nadi, located inside the Mooladhara Chakra. One can achieve prosperity, health and a happy domestic life by worshiping Ganesha once a year by conducting the Homam. The Ganapathi Homam also gives the benefit of good health to the devotees who might suffer from ailments like anxiety, depression and injuries sustained during accidents.People also believe that worshiping Lord Ganesha ensures success and wins over mortal enemies.

What are the best days to do Ganapathi Homam?

The Ganapathi Homam should take place early in the morning, before sunrise and the Poornahuti (the last offering signifying the end of the Homam) should take place at sunrise.The days of Sankatahara Chaturthi of every month and Vinayaka Chaturthi are considered as extremely auspicious days for ganapathi homam. All Fridays are also good to conduct Ganapathy Homam. 

What is the procedure for performing Ganapathi Homam?

The procedure for performing the Ganapathi Homam is simple and easy. However, depending on the occasion, one can proceed through a complete set of rituals or do a shorter version of it daily. 

Anujnaa – Mantras for asking for cooperation and permission from Lord Ganesha and other Gods to perform the Homam. 

Aachamanam – The procedure involves sipping of holy water for inner purification of body and soul. 

Vighneswara Pooja – The Pooja involves worshiping Lord Ganesha requesting him to remove all the obstacles in the Pooja. 

Pranayama and Sankalpam – This involves taking a vow to please Lord Ganapathi.

Kalasa Shuddhi – This process is for holy water that is sprinkled on oneself and other materials that are to be used for the Pooja.

Agni Prathistahapana – One should start the fire inside the Homam Kund with a camphor. The Dikpaalaka Pooja along with the Panchopachara Pooja also takes place for the Lord. The priest pours the preliminary offerings into the Havan Kund with the invocation of the God. Then he chants several Ganapathi Mantras in front of the Kund. After the Poornahuti, the ritual of Udvasana (concluding the ritual) takes place. Sastharam Astro Research Center is conducting Various forms of Ganapathy Homam on all Fridays and on both Chathurdhi days of the month. 

“Ashta Dravya Ganapthi Homam” is an elaborate form of Ganapathy Homam. This is carried by us by  offering eight items such as Dry Coconut, Aval, Malar, Jaggery, Sugarcane, Ada, Modakam and Ghee.

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Sastharam Astrology Services

We offer all types of Astrology Services and Remedies. 

You can ask any two definite questions after giving date, time and place  of birth. 

We will give the reply within a  couple of days . 

This is a service and no need to pay any fee. 

If you have to get personalised reports on any particular issue  you have to make minimal payment

and we shall analyze the chat  and give you the report within a couple of days. 

Always rememebr to ask definite and clear questions to get correct answer. 

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The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies (stars & planets) interpreted as having an influence on human affairs & life science. There are different astrological methods being followed around the world.

Horoscope: is a Birth Chart or the Natal Chart and it is a figurative analysis of the positions of all the planets (Sun, Moon, Mars etc) in the zodiac, for a specific place, and for an exact time and date. This means, that any person’s horoscope, is based on the planetary positions according to their place of birth, date of birth, as well as the time of birth.

As per astrological science; we all undergo  good and bad situations quite often due to the effect of 9 planets based on their positions in the horoscope. They reflect past, present and future in everyones life. Somehow financial/ business loss, marriage/ love problems, debt,career problems, family detachment, children health issues, money loss etc affects all in one or the other way.

These difficulties/ problems can be minimized or prevented or eliminated by divine astrological methods by doing right pooja, homam/ rituals and also using proper yantras, mantras etc.

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Vastu Sashtaram

The Term" Vasthu" is derived/formed form the word vasa, meaning habitat and, in Sanskrit, vast is referred to as the site for construction of a residence. Vasthu Sastra goes beyond architecture. Ancient masters have recorded its principles which encompass the geological, geophysical and, above all cosmological and celestial. In ancient India, architecture, medicine, astrology, philosophy and spirituality exist in complete cross relations to one another, their boundaries over lapping and enriching one another. Vasthu Sastra is also connected to other sciences- astrology and Ayurveda (science of holistic medicine and longevity). In the early days, Vasthu Sastra was propagated via Hinduism as a channel to disseminate knowledge. it is actually a pure science. For centuries, Vasthu Sastra has been widely used in India in the purchase of properties; there is a growing global interest in it now. Vasthu Sastra is based on the arrangements and balancing of the five elements in their proper order and proportions. These ancient sciences are still applicable in modern times. Vasthu Sastra is not magic, superstition or a religion, although some of its advocates may consider it part of their religious rituals. It is also not based on a belief system.

Vaasthupurusha, is the iconization of the land where a constructed structure exists, and various directions and areas of the land constitute the body parts of Vaasthu. As per Vaasthu Saasthra, each area of the land or building has it's own significance, and the rooms needs to be suitable positioned in these areas. Apart from these, the area of each rooms, specific directions and shapes of floors area, shape of land, position of water bodies with respect to the building, position of roads, etc. has great significance in making the destiny of the owner of the property, or his family members or tenants.

We provide high-class Vaasthu solutions for your home, office constructions or repairs. We  can verify your building plans based on your architect's drawings and suggest changes whereever needed. 

Vaasthu solutions without demolition  can help you restructure your building with least repair expenses to ensure your building is vaasthu compliant. and can help you to gain success in life.

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Prasna Sastra

Prasnam /Ashta Mangalya Prashnam

Ashtamangalya Prashnam is conducted to know all the good and evil matters related to you and your family according to the science of astrology. It is an efficient way to know all whatever happened and whatever to be happened. Ashtamangala Deva Prasnam Ashtamangala Prashnam refers the  two things: first thing calculation method of numerology, secondly it calculate with Ashtha (eight) Mangala (auspicious) items that are used in this type of divination. These items are: 1. Flowers 2. Fruits 3.Coconuts 4.Turmeric (fresh) 5.Urads 6.Sandles 7.Coins 8.Ghee lamp ((brass lamps with a wick in clarified butter). The divination system uses 108 small conch shells specially selected. After reciting mantras, the shells are mixed and the first part, ganitha, or calculations, begins. Some are picked up and kept separately. They are divided into different parts of four each, and the balance determines the zodiacal position of the visitor. The selection of the shells is used in conjunction with the position of the planets at the moment the person arrives. The birth chart of the person is not required. The astrologer begins his reading. As the person confirms the information is true.

Nimitha prashnam

The happenings during the time of consultation and the actions of the persons in the place, their talk, and virtually everything that happens is very carefully observed by the Daivagjan (Astrologer) . When a mail, telephone call or letter is received from a consultee, the same is done. Accordingly the matters are interpreted and predictions are given.

Thamboola Prashnam

'Thamboola Prashnam' is a method for knowing the unknown. Through this traditional method, we can get information about a particular individual, whereabouts of a missing person or lost valuables, matters of uncertainty, Evil/ Black magic problems etc. Thamboolam: In Sanskrit signifies the gift of betel leaves along with fruits etc as a mark of respect to the person to who is being visited. Some astrologers, especially in Kerala use this method to predict mainly in relation to the health and wealth of an individual. I myself have studied this technique through my Guru in detail and regularly use it when it becomes absolutely necessary to arrive at any difficult conclusions with relation to the individual's problems.

Deva Prashnam

'Deva prashnam' is conducting at temples to know all the problems and solutions related to that temple. Deva prashnam is done by only expert astrologers and tantris who have deep knowledge in their fields. It is conducted to know the likes and dislikes of the god or goddess of temple and to know about the village and its inhabitants. Devaprashnam is the Division by astrology to find out the will of God (Devahitam). There is an expectation by devotees that The God ’Parama Siva’ had created Thirty Three Crores demigod in this universe. It is clearly mentioned various astrological book about the different expression. There can be many more things in a temple which create damage to the divine life.

Kavadi Prashnam

A 'Kavadi' in Tamil stands for a sea shell. Using these, the position of an individual and the cause of his visit for consultation is found and the solution of his problems are suggested. For this, 108 kavadis are used and they are rotated a number of times, the blessings of Guru are invoked. A portion of the kavadis are separated and counted to find out the ruling planet at that time. The results of the prasna horoscope ( A horoscope formulated at the time of arrival of the persons) are compared with the results of the kavadi prasnam, and the predictions are pronounced. 

Jaathaka Porutham (Marriage Match)

Astrological compatibility consideration is not only a mere ancestral practice but is a way to get the prasna reading regarding the nature, features, prospects , prosperity, love and affection, puthrabhagya ,etc.,. Unless and until a compatibility is favourable found between Bride/ Groom they can't hold a life long relationship happily. Since it is a very difficult task to get the accurate knowledge of the person's nature etc. before proceeding marriage better to consult Brahmagnane and get a prasna report then proceed further.

Muhoortha Nirnayam

Muhurtham or " Auspicious time " Is the best remedial measure in astrology. Select best muhurtham possible to all important occasions like marriage, start new business, start the construction of new house etc. The horoscopes of bride and groom are studied. Brahmagnane and an auspicious time is suggested.



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Horoscope Analysis

 Accurate Horoscope Analysis is essential for clear astrology out put

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Gem (Lucky Stones) Consulting

Vedic astrology deals with seven visible planets and two invisible ones: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn are the visible planets, and two lunar nodes - Rahu (ascending lunar node) and Ketu (descending lunar node). These together are called Navagrahas. The Nine Astrological Gemstones or Navaratnas are associated with these planets. 

By wearing an accurate Gem Stone you can get rid off the negative impacts of planets  whom are responsible for your fortune.

We can suggest you to use suitable gem stones according to your birth star, planetary position, profession or ambition, which can help you attain your goal, get through troubles, attain success and profit in your profession, and also keep away from diseases as seen though Medical Astrology.

What Gemstone should I wear?

Gemstones should always be worn according to auspicious Grah (Planet) as per your kundali (birth- chart). It is believed that the planetary alignment at the time of birth, affects our entire life and all aspects of it. So it is important that we wear only those gemstones which suit us. Use this Gemstone Recommendation tool to find out your lucky gemstone (as per your birth chart).

Will I get the correct gemstone recommendation information from here?

Yes, you will definitely get the correct information using this tool. We believe in giving 100% satisfaction to our customers, so if you have any further doubts, please fill the contact us form.  You will get online or telephonic support from this centre

What Gem should I wear for resolving my marriage problem?

What can I do for betterment of my career?

Which stone should I consider wearing for my Wealth Problems?  Etc., are the frequent questions arising from the normal people. 

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Pendulum Astrology

 The pendulum astrology uses a pendulum device which swings and helps to locate negative energies and pitfalls in a location, which would be a home or a business organization, or an empty land. This is an effective astrological method for determining problems related to a place. With regular dedicated practice lead a personal to be an expert in pendulum dowsing through which he can identify the negatives of human beings, homes, animals , vehicles…etc., etc., 

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This centre provides high quality original nepali  and Indonesian Rudrakshas 
Rudraksha meaning—the eye of Rudra [Shiva] is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. Hence Rudraksha is the object of veneration and also the source to reach the higher self. Rudraksha is often believed to symbolize the link between the earth and the heaven. These beads are the seeds of the Rudraksha fruit obtained from Rudraksha trees. The Rudraksha tree is botanically known as ELAEOCARPUS GANITRUS ROXB. Its English name is UTRASUM BEAD TREE.
Rudraksha trees are mostly found in South Eastern Asian Islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Iran, Java, Timor (Indonesia) and parts of South Asian Kingdom of Nepal. Around 70% of the Rudraksha trees are found in Indonesia, 25% in Nepal and 5% in India. Considered a major stress reliever, reducing circulatory problems and of course as the best beads, the berry (Elaeocarpus Ganitrus) was first spotted in Indonesia and is now grown in Nepal and Hardware. However, because it is expensive, clinical research of its medicinal properties has not been possible, often resulting in the berry being subjected to esoteric mumbo jumbo.
There are clefts called Mukhi on the surface of the beads. The number of Mukhi on the surface of a Rudraksha beads helps in determining its quality. According to the number of Mukhi the Rudraksha bead ranges from single face to a several faced bead. Asians have used Rudraksha beads traditionally. Asian Yogis and Monks found that merely wearing the Rudraksha beads gave them astonishingly tremendous amount of tranquility, concentration that helped them meditate for a long period of time with spectacular control over their mind.
Rudraksha tree in Nepal and Java are source of high quality beads. Ommrudraksha sells energized 1 to 21 faced rudraksha beads. One and five mukhi are widely used. Mala is used by Hindus and Buddhists for prayer and healing. Tulsi and sandalwood malas are also used for good life and spiritualism.  To know more on benefits and importance please go through our online articles and blogs which are based on scientific results and personal experience. Follow our customer testimonials and get good knowledge on selecting different combination for good career, protection and relationship.
Rudraksha are beads from trees belonging to Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb. Rudraksha beads are available from 1-21 faces. Hindu Purana describes about 1-14 face only. There are no ornaments for human body as like rudraksha. It has miraculous effect on both body and mind. Original beads have positive power.Importance of beads are based on their special powers.rudraksha beads should be choosen carefully for specific problem.Of nepal origin are better. The use of such beads are from 1000 of years. The old myths also describe about the use of such beads to bring the human health and spiritualism benefits. 

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